Guidelines for the users of ACTIONES and JUDCOOP Database

Case law selection
The Database gather gathers the case-law which was suggested by project participants (judges and lawyers) within the two DG Justice supported project JUDCOOP and ACTIONES.
The case were selected and organised during the two projects by the CJC’ expert team and by the experts of the ACTIONES Consortium.
It contains cases originating from EU jurisdictions, including both countries covered by project partner organisations as well as other EU jurisdictions.
For each set of decisions, the project team prepared a case-sheet, whose format ensures that the Database can:
  • act as a practical tool able to improve the understanding and use of Judicial Interaction Techniques (`JITs`);
  • extend cooperation to judges and academics that did not take part to the Projects’ activities.

The Database is freely accessible. Anyone interested can easily access it.

What can be found in the Database
Cases selected for the ACTIONES Database are not single cases of a national jurisdiction, rather they are set of cases (including national and European ones) which are connected among them through forms of dialogue. The types of interaction among the cases are clearly indicated in the description of the cases and can be used also as keyword for case search (see below).

How to search the database
There are several options to search the through the database.
  1. Geographical search
Please click on the country on the map to get the full list of cases that are available.
  1. Quick search
Please click on the Charter article to get the full list of cases that refer to it.
  1. Browse by keywords
Please select among the available options under each general keywords :
  • Judicial interaction techniques;
  • Judicial interaction type;
  • (type of) conflict;
  • ???
  1. Search by keywords
Please insert any word as keyword to get the full list of cases connected.